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Suzette Kitselman
Estates Director
International Sterling Society
Brentwood/Santa Monica/Westside
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With decades of experience, Suzette serves greater LA with Coldwell Banker Realty, with her super team of pros to handle the many facets of Real Estate Sales & Marketing, Advertising & Staging Design, Transaction Management, Client Special Services, Financing, PR, and Legal. Her Client Special Services/Celebrity Staffing division helps arrange Domestic Staffing including Majordomo, Chef, Housekeeping, Personal Assistant, Personal Security, and Private Jets. And if you need a good Handyman, Painter, Electrician, Carpenter, a high-end or low-budget Contractor, we have several you can choose from. Truly full-service. We’re here to help. Just let us know.

Patrick Karwasz


In my day job, I work with a lot of real estate agents. I probably worked with over 1000 agents in the Los Angeles area. I've seen every type of agent in this industry: beginners, local experts, masters of negotiation, and those who just want to make a quick buck out of you. HOWEVER, when it came to picking an agent that will help me and my family buy a house I decided to go with Suzette because I knew this is going to be the right choice. I knew that she will deliver, I knew that she will pull out every trick in a real estate trick book to help us find the best house.. and I was right. Our process of finding a new house was very quick but really, really, REALLY tough. On the first day of going to open houses with Suzette, we found a dream home and we put the offer on the same day. We had to compete with a lot of cash offers and investors. Guess what, as I said earlier, I was right, Suzette killed it and got us the house we wanted. Covid, competition, problems with loans, whatever is the obstacle, Suzette is the type of person that is willing to find a solution to your problem and find a workaround. A true problem solver, a great real estate agent, and a fantastic person with an amazing sense of humor.

Andrew London


Am I glad I took Suzette's advice to list my property with her at this time! We got multiple over listing offers, and I accepted one within two weeks of listing. During all the negotiations and the work getting the property ready to close, Suzette was tireless and supportive, even when my own energy faltered. I am thankful for her kindness and patience, to say nothing of her vast resources and knowledge of all things Real Estate. Thanks Suzette for making this such a pleasant experience!

Gitte Jacobsen


I honestly do not know what I would have done without Suzette's guidance, experience and support during the process of selling my property! It very quickly became clear to me that she was more than competent assisting me - not only did she manage to find a buyer for my property within a week of being on the market, she also knew exactly how to price it to draw interest from potential buyers and we ended up getting way above asking price! Suzette is a super woman! She kept in constant contact with me the entire time, even though we were in a different state, and took it upon herself to deal with matters way outside of her expected duties. She took care of me through any issues that came up with the sale of my property. And I mean ANY issue! She was very quick to identify a potential tax problem, and because of her expertise and wealth of resources quickly came up with a solution. A less experienced agent would never have been able to handle all the issues we dealt with! Suzette handled everything swiftly and efficiently and it reduced the stress I was under tremendously! It is rare to find a service level like what I was shown. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home or other property. The bar is instantly raised when you work with Suzette. She works tirelessly to insure that your goal is as smooth a process as possible. I have such gratitude for her helping me throughout this whole process and I fully realize what a major role she had in making my dream a reality. "


"Suzette and her team were professional, responsive, and incredibly helpful throughout our home buying process, definitely a 5 star experience! Suzette is more than a Realtor; she was on our side, protecting us the whole time. She treated us like her own family and we learned quickly to trust her like ours. She not only helped us buy a place but sold our old home as well. As we were looking, if she sensed the houses were not for us, she never pushed us but was there, a beacon, guiding us every step of the way. When we found the perfect place for us, Suzette was determined to make the transaction go as smoothly as possible. In regards to selling our home, her expertise in the market put us at ease. Once we sat with Suzette and reviewed the market value and how to price our home, it was clear that Suzette new exactly what she was doing. Suzette has kept in contact since we closed (she actually came to our new home visit after we moved in) and we feel well taken care of. Overall we’re really happy with the service we continue to receive and would recommend Suzette to anyone. She is experienced, professional, finds joy in service and can truly be trusted-what more could anyone ask for. We were truly blessed to have found Suzette and I hope that anyone reading this would be so lucky as to use her and find for yourself what good hands you will be in."

~ Jason Malone, Manager, Sunrise Senior Living, Beverly Hills


"I'm a Realtor who recently had the pleasure of doing a deal with Suzette. I can't recommend her highly enough! Suzette is smart, honest, and diligent. I never hesitated to call her, knowing that she was always immediately available and willing to do the legwork to get the deal done on time. Simply put, Suzette is one of the best Realtors in LA - who also happens to be one of the absolute nicest. Any buyer or seller should jump at the chance to work with her! I know I would."

~ Sean Galligan, Realtor, Los Angeles

"When my parents wanted to buy me a condo in West Hollywood, everything was selling so fast. But Suzette stayed with it, and finally got me into my new home. She helped us with everything, and was great to work with. And she comes to see me every time my band is playing! She's a good friend of the family now."

~ Ana Cristina Alvarez Cash (Mrs. John Cash), Singer & Actor

Suzette Kitselman
California Realtor DRE#00715435

Suzette brings extensive Real Estate Sales, Lending, Appraisal, and Investment experience, to help you accomplish your goals, create  and protect wealth for yourself and your family. Suzette has been called the triple-threat of Realtors, and has won several awards for Outstanding Client Service.

"Suzette was a true delight to work with start to finish. Not only is she is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate transactions, but she is also warm, funny, and fun to be around. She is an incredible advocate for her clients and looks out for what is best for all parties involved. We were consistently impressed with her commitment to do the right thing in any given situation. We were always able to reach her and she is incredibly responsive. She's also willing to chase down anyone else on your behalf (escrow, banks, etc) should they become unresponsive.
I highly recommend Suzette to anyone looking for a realtor in the Los Angeles area!" ~ Dawn Barber 

Please accept this letter of recommendation, which highlights your exemplary representation of Silton Group in its acquisition of 10275 Missouri Avenue in Century City. You identified the property as meeting Silton’s investment criteria, you provided a comprehensive investment analysis, astutely recognizing that poor management offered an added-value opportunity. That is, the below-market rents, unusually high vacancy, and high expense ratio justified paying what on the surface seemed an excessive purchase price – $5,600,000 or 3.89% capitalization rate. Thereafter, you developed a winning negotiation strategy which won our offer acceptance over 11 competitive bids. Finally, you persistently pursued our interest during a very short closing period and with a barely responsive seller. I am happy to report that your assessment of the property was spot on. During the first year of operation, Silton realized substantial rent increases – 6.55% over the in-place rents at closing. Additionally, vacancy reductions helped lead to a 24.71% rise in year-over-year gross income. Expense savings compounded these effects pushing net operating income up 13.54%. This allowed successful reappraisal and refinance of the property. At the end of year one, the 3.98% capitalization rate at purchase was increased to 4.45%, and the property’s owners reaped a very good return on investment. You were extremely knowledgeable, effective, and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with you again and recommend your services with our highest praise. Thank you."

~ Jeff McMullen, General Manager, The Silton Group

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